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T-DRILL - Tube and Pipe Fabrication Solutions
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T-DRILL is a world-class supplier of tube and pipe fabrication solutions. T-DRILL machinery consists of both industrial solutions for several customer segments as well as portable solutions for mechanical contractors and plumbers. In short, T-DRILL is there whenever the machine tools of a tried and trusted supplier are needed.

One of T-DRILL s cornerstones is the ability to foresee customers needs and supply the right machine tools for their purposes. Supplying the right tools means that the special features of the tools meet the customers special needs a hand-operated machine tool for smaller purposes or an entire production line as a complete solution for industry.

We are glad to help you to find a solution for your tube and pipe manipulation requirements. Below you may find some typical industries and applications, where T-DRILL machinery is used.

HVAC Products Offered:

HFT-2000 Manifold Fabricating Machine -
An affordable manifold fabricating machine for copper tubing. - Brazed joint - Branch sizes '' - 2'' - Max. run tube 4'' - Work cycle time 15-60 seconds depending on the branch diameter

T-35 Portable Tee Forming Machine -
Portable tee forming machine for copper - Brazed joint - Branch sizes ''-1 '' - Max. run tube 2 '' - Work cycle time 15-30 seconds depending on the branch diameter

S-54 Collaring Unit -
The S-54 Automatic Collaring Machine can meet most of the requirements that exist on HVAC and Automotive applications. T-DRILL has been manufacturing collaring machines for over 30 years and it is the worldwide industry standard for tube branching.

The S-54 is able to provide quality collars up 2⅛'' in copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other malleable materials.

Many attachments and automated systems are available for tube positioning. It is possible to start with the stand-alone S-54 and later add tube feeding equipment for more efficient production. A Manual or an Automatic Feed Table are available as well as the fully automated S-54 TCS (Tube Collaring System.

SP-55 Tube End Spinner -
T-DRILL Tube End Spinners are suitable for closing, reducing and expanding of copper tubes. The maximum reduction is 70 %. SP-55 is suitable for tubes 5/16'' - 2 .

Typical applications are different tubes of HVAC equipments. T-DRILL Spinners are fully automatic.

Advantages when using T-DRILL Tube End Spinners:
Economical: Reduces the costs of fittings and brazing materials
Simple: No need or inventory of expensive fitting pieces
Fast: Reduces the working time
Quallity: Improves product integrity by eliminating leak points


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T-DRILL is a manufacturer of high-tech tube and pipe fabrication solutions.

Typically T-DRILL systems are used in producing tubular components within air conditioning/refrigeration, heat pumps, heat recovery, heat exchangers and solar panels manufacturing.

kokoelmaAir conditioning manufactures use our tube cut-off line, as well as T-DRILL branching system in the production of heat exchanger manifolds and heat recovery systems. The components that require tube end closing can be manufactured with Tube End Spinners thus saving money on end caps and labour costs. Tube cutting in water heaters and boilers can be made by TCC-28 Cutting Machine, tube end closing by the SP-55 Spinning Machine and tube branching by S-54 Collaring Machine. The same can be applied to manufacturing of heat pumps.

In manufacturing of Flat plate solar collectors and evacuated tube solar collectors several T-DRILL machinery is used. Both types of collector may utilize the S-54 MFT or S-54 AFT Tube Collaring Machines and Tube End Spinner machinery as well as our high speed Tube Cut-Off machines.
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