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VAU Thermotech GmbH & Co. KG in Heldrungen (Thuringia) is a Germany-based and owner-managed company with more than 35 years’ experience in the heat exchanger business, particular with fully welded PHE’s and brazed heat exchangers. Our comprehensive product range offers plate heat exchangers which provide our customers with a compact, ultra-efficient heat transfer solution appropriate for almost any heat transfer application, such as in the Chemical & Petrochemical, Gas & Oil Industry, Metallurgy, Power, Refrigeration, HVAC, Pulp and Paper, Sugar, Offshore, Heat recovery, etc

Hybrid heat exchanger combines all the advantages of Shell and Tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers; the unique plate pattern allows a very high film coefficient at lower pressure drops, compactness, no vibration, choice of cip and mechanical cleaning, flexible custom design up to 90,000 ft2, 1632 oF and 870 psig and in first instance eliminates the spare parts. Bloc heat exchanger is suitable up to 572 oF and 464 psig.

Our broad range of brazed heat exchangers covers industrial and commercial applications such as District heating, Refrigeration, Heat Pumps, Heating Technology, Energy Recovery, Air Conditioning, Domestic water heating, solar heating and many more branches of industry
Brazed heat exchangers is suitable up to 383 oF and 435 psig.